EA’s Games Lineup for the Upcoming Year Brings Sims, Spore

EA’s Games Lineup for the Upcoming Year Brings Sims, Spore

ea-logoElectronic Arts posted their latest financial results and also revealed their lineup of games for the upcoming fiscal year. There are a couple of surprise announcements there and we’re going to talk about all of them below, so read on to find out what goodies (or not) Electronic Arts plans to release next year!

Let’s start with the surprises – a new Sims game (apparently something more than just the regular expansion pack) as well as a new Spore game have been announced for release sometime in early 2011, but no details have been given. Still, we can consider both announcements as surprises – will a Sims 4 come so soon?

Apart for that, Skate 3, Need for Speed World, 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa, and Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 11 are titles confirmed for the first fiscal quarter of the next year (which, strangely, means 2010). Also some anticipated titles will be released in the July-September time frame, like APB and Medal of Honor.

During the holidays we’ll see Crysis 2, as well as an unannounced Need For Speed title, while early 2011 will deliver, except for the new Sims and Spore games, Dead Space 2, a brand new Dragon Age: Origins title and a shooter from Epic. It appears that this year Electronic Arts goes for established franchises rather than new IPs…