dante-s-infernoElectronic Arts had a really stupid “advertising” strategy: they hired a few guys and girls to protest against the release of Dante Inferno. I have heavily criticized the protestants back then; afterwards, I have heavily criticized EA for this unacceptable (in my opinion) stunt, but the story keeps on going.

EA’s fake Dante Inferno protest now caused real Christian bloggers to blame and bash the publisher’s move. According to Gamespot, Christians (and probably most sane people) were not pleased with Electronic Arts’ stunt. With paid for signs reading “Hell is not a game,” “My high score is in Heaven,” or “Trade in your PlayStation for a PrayStation,” the company really proved a complete lack of respect of the things that are holy, of fellow Christian gamers and a really poor approach to their promotional methods as well. I really hope that the day will come when not promotional stunts and controversy will make a game sell, but its high quality and incredible originality. Until then, we’ll have to stick with what EA (and probably others) are and will be doing: cheap promotion. They should be embarrassed and ashamed.

Now, the only ending I can find to this report is the one from Margaret Cabaniss of InsideCatholic: “Has anybody at EA actually read the Inferno?”