It seems that we can no longer have a happy, silent day without gaming related problems: it all started with the Fable II Collector’s Edition and continued with the MotoGP 08 and the Fallout 3 crash fix we’ve already offered. Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 joins the list of recent big name games with problems…

I’m talking about the so called “install code problem”: there are quite a few buyers of Red Alert 3 complaining that their install code provided by the manual is only 19 characters long, instead of 20. “Just a little problem” says Electronic Arts and you can solve it by yourself.

According to the developers, it’s most likely the last character to be missing because of some misprint issues so all you have to do is start a boring, character guessing game: simply type all the letters of the alphabet as the last character and, if this does not work either, try the numbers, too. Eventually you’ll get the chance to play the game.

If your problem with Red Alert 3 can’t be solved following the steps above, all you have to do is take a screenshot of the “problem” and send them to EA via the “Contact Us” link you can find on this page. Still… a big problem that should have never existed. Pointless arse pain for gamers.