It’s pretty obvious that Electronic Arts is doing its best to improve the quality of games it delivers, as promised some while ago by CEO John Riccitello after he looked at the Metacritic ratings. However, it seems that the company still keeps quiet when it comes to future projects and we have to find them out one by one. A new title based on Dante’s Inferno might be the next on EA’s game list.

Details about this new game are pretty scarce, but it appears that it will be a modern interpretation of the classic poem, which further means that gamers will take a long journey to the depths of Hell – and we’ll most likely enjoy that.

The beans were spilled in a Variety report claiming that four major Hollywood film studios are already battling for the rights to make the movie. As in the movie based on the game that not only wasn’t released, but it hasn’t been officially announced, either. The studios interested in the new Dante’s Inferno game from EA are Universal, Paramount, MGM and New Regency but we’d like to find out more about the game itself before anything else.

So stay tuned as we’ll update you as soon as we find out something new.