Battlefield 4EA has stated that it is currently investigating the lack of the Second Assault DLC on Xbox One versions of Battlefield 4. The DLC maps, which feature four Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps, are currently unavailable for those who have bought the Premium Edition of DICE’s latest shooter. These maps are timed exclusives on the Xbox One and are supposed to be free for paid-up member Premium members.

However, Premium members are reporting that a supposed new entry on the in-game Battlefield store, where these maps are usually found, is listed as NULL DATA. There is no description for this new pack, and it cannot be purchased or downloaded.

“I know some of you have said already that it is being looked into, I wanted to just confirm that for you so you guys have a [staff] post to refer to,” wrote EA_Rick on the game’s forums.

“Right now all I can say is that we are aware of this issue and are currently investigating this with Microsoft. Once we have some more details I’ll be sure to let you know.”

Battlefield 4 has also been experiencing several issues regarding multiplayer servers on both next-gen consoles. But the issues have been dramatically fixed on the Xbox One. A patch has been released for the PS4 versions, but they have had minimal effects.