During a press conference in Tokyo, the creator of the Dragon Quest series Yuji Horii was talking about the upcoming Nintendo DS title, Dragon Quest IX and nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. Everything changed when, all of a sudden, Horii said that the company is also working on a tenth Dragon Quest game, which will be a Wii title.

According to Japanese blog Gemaga, after announcing the DS release of Dragon Quest 9 and right before leaving the stage, Yuji Horii said “We’re currently developing Dragon Quest X on Wii.” Then, Nintendo’s president entered the stage and, smiling, said: “Thanks very much for announcing Dragon Quest X on Wii!”

Although there were no official comments after the press conference, things are pretty clear right now, and we’ll see Dragon Quest X on Wii consoles, whenever it will be ready for release. The same story presented by the Japanese blog was later confirmed by Reuters, so it’s not a made-up thing. So, finally, gamers should be happy that the series will return to game consoles!