I was saying yesterday that game developers don’t like creating games for personal computers because all extra content should be free – today comes Criterion, developer of the upcoming Burnout Paradise, to confirm what I said and even take things to the next level: the full PC version of Burnout Paradise will be completely FREE for a period of time. Ain’t that something?

Including the Cagney Pack update, the Bikes Pack and the forthcoming Party Pack, the PC version of Burnout Paradise will be released in February 2009, at the same time with the full trial. You will be able to do anything you wish: go anywhere in Paradise City and check out everything on offer and even try out the multiplayer! The only thing that was not mentioned right now is how much will this Free Trial allow you to play – if it’s 1 hour, as trials usually last, it could not be enough!

“When the full game’s released in Feb ’09, we want all our PC players to be sure it runs perfectly on their system, before they commit to buying it. We also love the game and feel confident that if you try it, you’ll want to sign up for more!” says Criterion and after hearing that, especially the part with “runs perfectly on your system” I can only think about GTA IV for PC and agree with the developers.

So, with them being so confident that after you’ll try the cars in Burnout Paradise for free you’ll want to sign up for more, the developers made things easier to upgrade your version: they have an in-game store to make things easy. So stay tuned, as we’ll keep you updated.