warzone2100-free-downloadWarzone 2100 is an amazing (and free to download) real time strategy game initially developed by Pumpkin Studios but now expanded and further developed by Warzone 2100 Project, after the original game was released by its copyright holders under a public license. But these technical details matter the least when it comes to this fun and high quality game you can download and play for free right now!

In Warzone 2100 you battle to rebuild a world that has been destroyed by nuclear missiles. You are the leader of “The Project,” a faction that has to conduct research, design and manufacture vehicles, build new structures and develop a strategy to vanquish all foes. In other words, high quality RTS gameplay, completely free of charge!

Warzone 2100 features over 400 technologies players can research and later use to design over 2,000 units. Of course, there is a solid multiplayer component and the real time strategy game can be played by up to four people over the internet or LAN, making it a great choice for those who get tired of beating the AI over and over again.

If you would rather read the official description of the game, here is what Warzone 2100 Project say about Warzone 2100: “Combat is frenetic, with extensive graphical effects and buildings giving rise to flying shrapnel and boulders. Within the game are many different structures and vehicles. From an initial Command Center, you then go on to build Resource Extractors to provide fuel for Power Generators, which in turn supply energy to Factories, Research Facilities and weapons emplacements to protect your base.”

And, the most important thing of them all: the game is 100% free to download and play, so I doubt there would be any reason for you not to download it. Head over to its official website and hit the download button to experience high quality for free!