cnctiberiumElectronic Arts wants us all to be aware of the launch of the last game in the CnC series, Command and Conquer 4, therefore they have decided to offer a few Command and Conquer games for free. I’ve already told you about the free copy of Red Alert and now I noticed that two other games from the series – the ones that started it all are also available as free downloads.

As a result, by following the link in this article you can download completely free of charge and legally play both Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun (plus the Firestorm expansion pack) and the Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn. Absolutely amazing!

We’re talking here about hours of quality real time strategy gameplay as well as legendary games – all of them being offered for free. You rarely get such goodies – especially from the money-hungry Electronic Arts – so I guess that you should take this offer and be grateful that EA decided to offer us such a valuable gift.

So while you prepare for the last episode in the CnC saga, go here to download for free Command & Conquer Tiberian Sun and Command & Conquer Tiberian Dawn. Have fun!