doomWhat is Doom 4, you might ask yourself after finding out that Id Software said it’s neither a sequel nor a reboot: according to him, the reboot was Doom 3, so they can’t do that anymore. Still… it’s not very clear what they will do, to be honest – prequel seems to be the only option left, right?

Speaking with GameSpot, Id’s CEO Todd Hollenshead said that the game is “a little bit different than those, and if I told you why, I would get my ass kicked when I got back. So I’ll just have to leave it at that.”

However, Hollenshead is sure that this mysterious new direction will excite players to the bone. So they won’t turn it into a RTS, phew!

“It’s very much deep in development,” he said. “But everything I’ve seen on it is classic Doom, so I don’t really have worries that people aren’t going to like it and start talking about it.”

Apart from Doom 4, Id Software are working on a new Wolfenstein game, as well as Quake Live and Rage. They have their hands full of monsters, we could say!


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