Damnation, a third person shooter from Codemasters, was a highly anticipated title last year but somehow the hype went down and people soon started to forget its name. Things might change since Codemasters have announced the new release date of their title: May 22, this year. And it could be a pleasant surprise, a huge, glowing Phoenix rising from the ashes of forgetfulness.

Codemasters’ Damnation was initially set for release late last year, but the publishers delayed it, especially because Gears of War 2 and Prince of Persia were being released as the game’s main competitors. And, since these two titles had the popularity…

Either way, Damnation does have a nice setting (which is quite believable, following the latest happenings in the US): it’s set in the United States, which were under a civil war for 20 years and which didn’t quite evolve as they should. Therefore, we’ll see lots of cowboy hats and… steam-powered motorbikes! A kind of a modern Mad Max or something, with lots of vertical action.

So yes, we should all be pleased that Damnation has once again come into the spotlights and we’ll see if it deserves its place there on the 22nd of May.