When EA released Crysis it’s been said that at that time there was no mainstream computer that could run the game at very high details. That was the truth, even now Crysis is a tough game. For example 4GB RAM, X2 5200+ and HD4850 is a configuration that still can’t run Crysis with all settings at very high. This fact makes me think not at how cool is that game and what great visual effects it has, but more to bad optimization.

Now EA is developing an expansion for Crysis called Warhead and they want so sell PC’s ready to run the expansion at high details – not very high – (constantly at 30fps). Here it is the basic configuration of these PC’s:

  • CPU: Intel Core Duo e7300 (@2.66GHz)
  • Video card: Nvidia 9800GT
  • RAM: 2GB
  • The price will be around 699$. Honestly, I don’t know who will buy a PC just for playing Crysis. I’m thinking that out there we have 3 kinds of gaming people:

  • the gamers, people that have money and high end PC’s
  • the half-gamers, people that play occasionally; they have a mainstream-to-high-end PC
  • the rest; people that would like to play, but they have a mainstream-to-low-end PC
  • The first two categories of people would definitely not be interested in the Crysis Ready PC’s. The gamers have the money to buy high-end components, the half-gamers are not interested in high or very high details which means they don’t want to spend money on expensive hardware. And even if they would like to spend some money an upgrade would be most recommended. The third category, the rest, are people that don’t have money. They want to play, but can’t. This is the category targeted by EA’s PC’s, the people that don’t have money.

    Don’t get me wrong, I like this initiative, I think that it opens up new possibilities, new marketing partnerships that would benefit the end-user but unfortunately this one lacks the incentive. I don’t think that people would buy a PC just for a game.