It’s summer here in CityVille and it’s time to have fun! That’s why Zynga has released the roller coaster in the game, to spice up your entire city. I am here to share with you all the details about the Roller Coaster in CityVille, so check out this guide and prepare to enjoy the new feature!

The most interesting thing about the Roller Coaster in CityVille is that it will reward you with no less than 40 Zoning Permits when you finish the last part of the upgrade (level 6). And the upgrade process itself is not that difficult: you need to collect photos in order to upgrade it, and in order to get these photos, you will need to ask your friends and get items from Amusement Park buildings that have just been released in the game.

So not only that you will receive an impressive 40 Zoning Permits from completing the Roller Coaster, but you will also have an absolutely amazing structure in your city and you’ll keep your citizens happy and entertained.