Bubble Safari is the latest game released by Zynga on Facebook and I am surprised to see that it took them so long to bring some sort of cross promotion to CityVille. But it is all here now and we have the Bubble Safari missions and cross promotion in CityVille and I am here to share with you all the details that you need to know about it. So check out the guide below and enjoy!

Get Awesome Rewards!
– Ask friends for 15 Bananas
– Place the Bubble Safari Monkey
– Complete Level 6 in Bubble Safari
Rewards: 5 energy, 2,000 coins, max population increased by 250 citizens, Bubbles statue

Her Name is Rio
– Ask friends for 20 Bubbles
– Collect from Rio Routes 30 Times
– Complete Level 18 in Bubble Safari
Rewards: Nanaue Treehouse

Claim This Reward!
– Ask friends for 15 Coconuts
– Upgrade Zoo Cafeteria
– Complete Level 42 in Bubble Safari
Rewards: Bubble Safari Museum

It’s Within Reach
– Ask friends for 25 Hummingbirds
– Complete Level 50 in Bubble Safari
Rewards: 200 XP and Amazon Adobe

So it seems that Zynga really wants to turn us into Bubble Safari addicts too with the release of this set of missions and it’s up for you to decide if you take this challenge or not.