Zynga has just released a new side-challenge in Treasure Isle, the Monkey Nut game, a feature similar to the Mystery Game in FarmVille where you can win special prizes if you are lucky enough. In this article I will share with you all the details that you need to know about the Treasure Isle Monkey Nut Game!

What is the Monkey Nut Game?

A new feature that can be accessed by clicking the icon to the left of the screen when you are on your home island or found randomly while digging. Your goal in the game is to crack open a giant nut. The nut holds different prizes, similar to the Locked Chest.

The catch is that if you access the Monkey Nut game from your home island, you will have to pay 2 Island Cash for each swing, but if you find it while digging you get a free swing! Additionally, you can accept to crack the nut open at any time for the cost of 13 Isle Cash.

As with underwater scenarios, parts for the Monkey Nut game are moving in real-time, but the reaction time of the game determines where the arrow actually stops. Depending on your connection speed, your browser and your computer, you may notice severe delay between your “Swing” and where the golden arrow stops.

There are 30 prizes you can win from the Treasure Isle Monkey Nut Game, like the Garden plot, bag of gems, bag of keys or Fishing Bait.

Have you started playing the Treasure Isle Monkey Nut Game?