With Saint Patrick’s Day coming soon, FarmVille is gearing up to fill our farms with gold by delivering the Pot of Gold – a new item and event that might look pretty familiar to those who have been playing FarmVille for over an year. However, since things might have changed since then, I have decided to create a new guide for the FarmVille Pot of Gold!

You will receive the Pot of Gold automatically via an in-game pop-up, and you’ll have to place the Pot of Gold anywhere on your farm. Then, you can finally empty up your inventory of all the gold pieces that you have inside and redeem the pot of gold prizes. At the moment, there are just 6 prizes that you can redeem and we don’t think that any new ones will be released. Here are the prizes that you can redeem from the FarmVille Pot of Gold:

– Kelly Green Hay: 1 gold pieces
– Clover Gnome: 10 gold pieces
– Clover Sheep: 20 gold pieces
– Clover Chicken: 50 gold pieces
– Lucky Fountain: 100 gold pieces
– Green Lighthouse: 200 gold pieces

If you need more gold pieces, there is a bunch of ways you can earn them. Here is how to get more gold pieces for your FarmVille pot of gold:

– Receive them as free gifts from neighbors
– Ask for more from the Pot of Gold screen (click it on your farm, select “Look Inside” then click the Ask for More button).
– Harvest the Leprechaun Cottage daily (both yours and your friends’ ones give you gold pieces!)
– Claim them from the Facebook wall when your friends share them

And that would be everything about the FarmVille Pot of Gold event, a celebration that will give you back some really cool decorations!