I am sure that you are really proud with your virtual city in CityVille and Zynga knows it too. That’s why they are kicking off the City of the Year mission series, to help you get that award as a reward for all your hard work since you started playing the game!

I am here to share with you all the details about the new City of the Year missions, so let’s check out the details and get it started!

A Great Start mission
– Collect 15 Signatures from Italian Suit Shops of friends
– Supply Premium Businesses 20 times
– Collect from Central Park 4 times
Rewards: 40 XP, 5 Energy

Specialty Stores! mission
– Collect from Paris Parcels 40 times
– Build botanical Garden
– Collect from 25 Premium Businesses

Homes for Sale mission
– Ask from Realty Brochures from friends
– Supply the Cigar Shop
– Build Residences

Please have in mind that at the moment of writing these City of the Year missions are unreleased so the actual requirements might vary a little.