Ranch Requests is a brand new set of missions in ChefVille and, as the name suggests, it involves getting the Ranch Dressing a little easier than until now by building a dispenser for this delicious but hard to craft dressing. Therefore, we have to get our Ranch Rack in the kitchen and complete the Ranch Requests missions in ChefVille – and I am here to tell you how. So let’s get it started!

Rack ‘n Dip
– Place and Build the Ranch Rack
– Tend Ranch Rack 7 Times
– Complete the Dip Station
Rewards: 15 coins, 2 Marinated Chickens and 10 XP

Saucy Finger Food
– Tend Neighbors’ Mom ‘N Pop Shops 5 Times
– Cook Chicken Tenders 12 Times
– Ask friends for 7 Squeeze Bottles
Rewards: 10 coins, 10 XP and 2 red Bell Pepper

Rancho Veggie
– Collect 10 Wheat Bread
– Give 15 chef;s service
– Have 2 mastery stars for Veggie Dip
Rewards: 10 coins and 3 asparagus

And these are the requirements for completing the Ranch Requests missions! I am sure you will have a great time completing the quests, so don’t waste any second and start working on them!


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