It’s time to start preparing for Thanksgiving in ChefVille and we’ll do it in style by completing the Chef’s Table missions and setting up a great table for… many. I am here to share with you all the details about the ChefVille The Chef’s Table missions, so read on this guide to learn everything about the requirements!

Compliments of the Chef
– Place and Build the Thanksgiving Chef’s Table
– Give 5 Chef’s Services
– Buy 2 Thanksgiving Decor Items
Rewards: 15 coins, 2 Apples, 2 Vinegar

Let’s Table This
– Cook 4 Roasted Apple and Onion Soup
– Start a Dinner at the Thanksgiving Table
– Visit 5 Neighbors
Rewards: Unknown

We only have 6 days to complete The Chef’s Table missions in ChefVille, so let’s make sure we do it right!