Zynga is giving us the chance of having our own Garden Patch in ChefVille – and that also comes with a new series of 4 missions for us to complete. I am here to share with you all the details about the Garden Patch itself as well as the missions that we have to complete alongside with it in a very fun update for ChefVille.

We’ll start with the Garden Patch missions, detailed below:

Friend to Flora
– Buy 2 Daisies
– Tend 2 Daisies
– Place and Build the Garden Patch
Rewards: 4 XP, 10 coins & unlock Mushroom Salad Dish

Pot Luck
– Find a Carrot in the Garden Patch
– Cook 2 Garden Salads
– Tend 10 Wild Mushroom Patches
Rewards: ?

As the Soil Turns
– Find 5 Tomatoes in the Garden Patch
– Get 4 Gardening Spades from your friends!
– Have 9 Mixed Greens

A Happy Harvest
– Cook 2 Greens and Sauteed Mushrooms on Veggiematic
– Serve 10 Savory Onion Tarts from the Veggiematic
– Find a Yellow Bell Pepper in the Garden Patch

In order to get your Veggie Garden, you need to collect the following:

– 3 Pails of Water
– 4 Bags of Seeds
– 3 Plentiful Plywood
– 3 Scrumptious Soil

Overall, a great update for ChefVille!