Zynga is spending a lot of time delivering new content for ChefVille: just yesterday they brought us Ranch Requests and now we get the Beefed Up missions in the game which gives us the Meat Locker and helps us increase our Sirloin Beef capacity by 5. Which means that you are probably very curious to find out more about it, so let’s check out together the ChefVille Beefed Up missions guide!

Meet the Meat Locker
– Place and Finish the Red Meat Locker
– Cook 1 Grilled Steak Panini
– Give 5 Chef’s Services with Hamburgers
Rewards: 50 coins, Marinated Beef and 2 Parmesan Cheese

Raw Deal
– Cook 7 Dishes that use Sirloin Beef
– Collect 4 Meat Thermometers
– Tend 6 Neighbors’ Pop N Shops
Rewards: 3 Sirloin Beef, 1 Kidney Beans and 1 Salmon

You Got Served Beef
– Cook Roast Beef Sandwich 3 Times
– Give 8 Chef’s Services with Steak Florentine
– Craft 2 Beef Broth
Rewards: unknown

You only have 5 days to complete the Beefed Up missions in ChefVille, so make sure you do it right, because you can really put to some great use that free storage space for extra beef!