For one week starting now, Zynga will be rewarding Cafe World chefs with all sorts of great rewards in what they call the Chef Appreciation Week. If you wish to find out all the details about this amazing limited event, read on and make sure you’re ready to play the game daily for even more goodies!

So… what’s the Chef Appreciation Week? Here are Zynga’s words on the matter: “Each day we’ll release some special dishes with special rewards for you, our special players!” This means that regular (until now) dishes will become special and their stats will change.

For example, today, Savory Stuffed Turkey costs 0 Coins to cook, Tikka Masala Kabobs gives double Café Points when cooked and Chicken Pot Pie cooks twice as fast! What does this mean? Of course, more profits for you. The even better part? The rewards will change every day, so tomorrow other dishes will be special and so on. Eventually, you’ll be able to get the most out of Cafe World and hope that the developers will do similar stuff in the near future.

To check out each day’s special dishes during the Chef Appreciation Week, check out Cafe World’s official Facebook page! And, of course, don’t forget to let us all know what do you think about this celebration.