Restaurant City is always looking for ways to reward its loyal players and to start the month of May right, fans of the game can claim 1,00 coins for free. Fans can go to the Restaurant City Facebook fan page and click on the link to get their coin reward.

You can use 1,000 coins to buy the new Cinco de Mayo items. You can get the Mexican Table for 900 coins, Maracas Wall Décor for 900, or the Terracotta Tile for 45 coins.

Or you can add more coins to buy the Cactus Chair for 1,500 coins, Serape Wall Hanging for 4,000 coins, Mexican Spice Rack for 1,600 coins, Acoustic Guitar for 2,600 coins, Rustic Red Brick Pillar for 3,000 coins, Cacti Jose for 4,000 coins, Stucco Wallpaper for 1,100, Stucco Wallpaper Light for 1,100, Stucco Wallpaper with Chili Lights for 2,400, and the Mariachi Band for 90,000 coins.

Like any other offers for Restaurant City Fans, this is only valid for 24 hours. So head to the RC fan page and click on the link today to claim your free coins. Once you accepted the coins, you can post it to your wall so that your friends know about it.