Rogue CIA Agents are on the loose in Mafia Wars. A popup message will welcome you today when you login into the game that states that a single click will send a Rogue CIA Agent to fifty mafia members. I guess it randomly chooses fifty from your mafia members, just like when you send energy packs.

You can receive your Rogue CIA Agent through email or by clicking the email icon in game. By the way, you can only get five Rogue CIA Agents. After receiving the fifth, you’ll get an energy refill instead.

The popup was a bit misleading though. It stated “Share This Awesome Armor!” But it is part of your Weapons List. Anyway it’s a nice addition to your loots with its 69 Attack 30 Defense stat. It is definitely a keeper.

I also noticed that the popup has a timer that shows the amount of time left until the next gift unlocks. The time I logged in my account, there was only twenty hours left in the counter. Does this mean that Mafia Wars will feature an item daily? Do you like or dislike this new way of sharing items with your mafia members?