Everything went smoothly when you started your virtual farm in FarmVille, but now with all the items on your farm, and all the trees and animals and decorations, it seems that FarmVille takes a lifetime to load and it runs sluggishly, driving you crazy. You want FarmVille to run faster but you don’t know how to. In this article, we’ll try to find out a few tricks that will make your game run faster and smoother. Good luck!

1. First of all, set the game’s visual quality to low – do this by clicking the eye icon in the upper left corner of the game. It also helps if you run the game in full screen and you zoom in as much as possible.

2. If you have more Facebook games running (or even lots of tabs open), close them all. The fewer opened tabs you have, the faster FarmVille or any other browser game will run.

3. Make sure you have the latest Flash version installed on your computer (scroll down while playing FarmVille and you will see a link to upgrade your flash player).

4. Although it was not verified, some people are suggesting that the more neighbors you have, the slower the game runs. It doesn’t seem to be true, but if you really have some people you no longer need, remove them and see if the game runs faster!

5. Keep the number of items on your farm to a minimum. The more items you have, the longer it takes for the game to load and the slower it runs. Farms with lots of hay bales or fences or animals tend to run a lot slower than other farms. So keep the items to a minimum – also those in your gift box!

6. Harvest your animals and trees! Strangely, I found out that my farm runs horribly slow when trees and animals are not harvested and the speed improves afterwards.

7. Try not to have many other programs running (especially those that consume your bandwidth) and defragment your Hard Disk often and FarmVille will run faster and smoother!

Do you have other suggestions for making FarmVille run faster or my tips did the trick?