I’ve been trying for a while now to log into my FarmVille account and play the game but apparently the game is down and there’s no official statement on the matter so I wonder if it’s just me who can’t play the game or others are experiencing the problem…

The error I get when I try to play FarmVille is a classic one: “Oh no! It looks like all the bits got lost on the way to your computer. Please refresh your page.” But no matter how many times I refresh the page, nothing happens – nothing good at least since sometimes I also get a “503 error” message which further proves that FarmVille is down because of some server problems – and FarmVille.com is not working either.

Hopefully this is just a temporary problem that will be fixed by Zynga soon, or it’s just a little bugger caused by an impeding upcoming update for FarmVille. Either way, I am really curious:

Are you having any problems playing FarmVille today or the game doesn’t seem to be working? Does FarmVille seem to be down for you too?