It looks like Mafia Wars will be giving daily players their just rewards. It started with the Rogue CIA Agent and today players get the chance to receive the Death Dealer Minigun from mafia members. You can also send it to fifty random mafia members with just one click.

The popup for the Death Dealer Minigun states that you share this awesome weapon but when I looked at my inventory, it was part of the Armor List. I don’t know if this is a bug or if Zynga just wants to level things up because yesterday’s Rogue CIA Agent was categorized as a weapon.

Just like yesterday, once you have five pieces of Death Dealer Minigun in your possession, you can’t receive any more. Instead, you’ll get +1 energy refill. Death Dealer Minigun has impressive stats – 48 Attack/64 Defense.

Tomorrow there will be another gift unlocked. There’s no official announcement as to how long this daily gifting will continue but daily players will surely benefit from it. Five items with great stats will surely boost your Attack/Defense stats. With 64 Defense, the Death Dealer Minigun is a keeper. When the message to share it pops up, be sure to press on the Send button.