For new Restaurant City players, here are some tips and tricks that can help you run your restaurant more efficient so that you can level up and earn coins faster – consider them a handy beginner’s guide!

Employees at full health can go for a maximum of four hours before they require food or rest. The best ratio of employees is five cooks, three waiters, and one cleaner. If you have less than nine employees, you can alternate one person from waiting and cleaning to keep a maximum approval rating.

A cook can handle three to four tables effectively. The stoves should be close to the tables so that the waiters can serve the customers faster. An island with the waiter in the middle is the best arrangement I’ve tried and tested in Restaurant City.

When all the tables are occupied, you can avoid getting thumbed down by placing arcades or a waiting chair. It keeps the customers busy while waiting for a table to be available. Or if you have 80,000 coins, you could get the Mariachi Band, which makes customers wait longer by ten percent.

Restaurant City gives you one free ingredient each time you log in, two ingredients when you log in for two days in a row, and three when you log in for three or more days straight. You also get one free ingredient for your first visit of a friend. There’s also a daily food quiz that rewards a random ingredient when answered correctly. Fans of Restaurant City are also rewarded with free ingredients at a random time. Players can also get a free ingredient by clicking the ingredient icon on the left side of the screen.

Having in mind these important details, I am sure that you will be able to make a great start or even continue managing your Restaurant City restaurant flawlessly! Make sure to share any tips you might have in the comment section below.