In my past article on Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty I tried to help you fix the Starcraft II Crashes, Freezes and Low Framerate, but there appears to be one more strange problem when it comes to playing the game: some players are unable to play the single player campaign and nothing they try to fix things seems to work. However, I have some tips for you to make the single player campaign playable, according to experience shared by gamers on the forums.

So here’s what you can try to do in order to play the Starcraft II Single Player campaign:

1. There may be 2 issues causing this problem, according to the game’s customer support man: Either you have left over info in your registry from the beta, that is causing the game to think there is only a multiplayer option, or your Windows is not letting the game update the registry with the data that it needs.

a) If you were in the Beta, please follow these steps:

Deleting the registry folders:
– Click on Start then choose Run.
– In the Run box, type the word “regedit” (without the quotes) and press OK. This will launch the Registry Editor.
– Click on the + icon beside the “HKey_Current_User” folder.
– Under that, click on the + icon beside the “Software” folder.
– In the folders that appear under “Software”, then open “Blizzard Entertainment”, and Select the “” folder and delete it.
– Click on the – icon beside the “HKey_Current_User” folder to collapse it as well.
– Now that both “” folders are gone, close the Registry Editor, restart the game, and single player again.

Those of you with the missing Remember Account check box fall in to the latter. For what ever reason you do not have the rights to write to the registry. You can try a few things to correct this:

I) Right the game shortcut and select Run as Admin (Windows Vista and 7)
– Make sure that your Windows user account has Admin rights
II) Disable and then re-enable UAC (Windows Vista and 7)
– Click Start, then Control Panel
– Click on User Accounts, then User Accounts again
– Click on Turn User Account Control on or off
– Un-check the button for User User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer and click OK
– Restart your computer
– Follow the instructions above and check the box for User User Account Control (UAC) to help protect your computer and click OK
– Restart your computer and try the game again
III) Disable or temporarily uninstall any security or Anti Virus software that could be preventing the game from updating the registry
– Remember to reinstall or use any type of security/AV software

2. If you are running the game under Windows 7, try setting it to run under Windows XP mode.

3. Also, simply disabling any antivirus software or firewall might help you with the problem (if either your antivirus or firewall disallow the game to update).

After following these suggestions, are you now able to play the Single Player Campaign of Starcraft II?