Probably the most anticipated PC game launch of the year, Starcraft II has been welcomed by gamers worldwide and received tons of favorable reviews from all over the world. However, despite being an almost flawless game, Starcraft II is, for some a real pain in the arse, with constant crashes, freezes and other issues like low framerate. In this article, we’ll try to find solutions for your problems and help you get the most of your game experience. So if you’re trying to find out how to fix Starcraft II Crashes, Freezes or Low Framerate issues, you’re probably at the right place!

First of all, before trying any of the suggestions below, you’ll have to make sure that your computer meets the minimum Starcraft II system requirements and also that all your drivers are updated. If you meet these requirements and you still have problems, here are some possible solutions to fix Starcraft II crashes and freezes:

1. If you have a multi-core processor, after you start the game, press ctrl+alt+delete and go to SC2 process. Right click on it, go down to Set affinity and uncheck some of the cores – that fixed the problem of some users and made the game run faster than before

2. One forum user followed the steps quoted below and that fixed his Starcraft II crashes:

– Update everything. Windows stuff, drivers, game patches… everything.
– Registry clean-up. You can try Piriform’s CCleaner (which is free)
Resolution match-up. Make sure the game resolution matches your native resolution.
– Windows Vista/7: Run as Admin. After all the work with defrag and clean up and downloads, Run as Administrator made the game actually work. It didn’t the first time around, but after I finished the aforementioned steps, it worked.
– Also, it helps to have all background programs turned off. No matter how small it may be, unless it’s critical to the function/security of your machine, turn it off.

3. Another forum user suggests tweaking the Nvidia cards: Go into your Nvidia Control Panel by simply right clicking on your desktop and selecting nvidia control panel. When you’re in make sure you are in advanced settings view. Here are the changes to make:

– set PhysX configuration to disabled
– under manage 3D settings here are the settings:
Ambient Occlusion on
Anisotropic Filtering Application-controlled
antialiasing – gamma correction off
antialiasing – mode application-controlled
Antialiasing – setting application-controlled (grayed out)
antialiasing – transparency off
conformant texture clamp use openGL specification
Error reporting Off
Extension limit off
Force mipmaps none
maximum prerendered frames 8
multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration single display performance mode
texture filtering- anisotropic sample optimization on
texture filtering – negative lod bias allow
texture filtering – quality Performance
texture filtering – trilinear optimization on
threded optimization Auto
Triple buffering Off
Vertical sync Use the 3d application setting

4. According to Starcraft II customer support Martyt, some crashes and black screens can be caused by software installed on the computer: “There have been multiple reports of black screen issues being related to the use of a Quick Cam webcam. In some cases exiting out of the software has resolved the issue but others have reported a need to uninstall the software for the camera in order to resolve the problem. There are also reports where some security programs like Comodo firewall can cause the game to start and stay on a black screen.”

5. You can also try lowering the game’s settings to the minimum and see how the game moves from now on. Also, disabling SLI and crossfire might help, as well as lowering your shaders until you have a better framerate and the game no longer crashes or freezes.

Did any of the possible solutions listed above helped you fix your Starcraft 2 problems? Or maybe you have some extra advice for our players to help them fix their game? Please comment below!