cod-wawThose of you who were still not fully satisfied with Call of Duty: World at War might want to give the game another try today, since a Patch for the game has just been launched, addressing several issues and changing some of the most annoying stuff, plus adding a bit of extra, free content – therefore turning Treyarch’s shooter into an even better one.

Here’s the official word about the patch: “There are many different things we’ve addressed in this update, but the most exciting is the addition of a new map! A daytime version of MP Makin – Makin Day – is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 absolutely FREE! Aside from the new dynamic the sunlight adds to the experience, some paths and cover have been modified to change-up the gameplay a bit. If you’re a PS3 player, you’ll get Makin Day when you patch. Xbox 360 players can download it from the XBL Marketplace once you sign into the game & Xbox LIVE and get the update”

So, here you are, some new reasons to keep playing Call of Duty: World at War. We love this kind of surprises, Treyarch! Keep ’em coming!


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