Chef Bruno is the new character that is introduced in Cafe World by Zynga and he doesn’t come alone: he’s a soup master and wants us to become soup masters as well. In order to do that, he (and Zynga) have created a series of 10 new missions that we must complete before becoming the ultimate soup masters in the world! Read on to find out all the requirements for completing the Soup Station Missions in Cafe World!

Soup Secrets

– Place Soup Station
– Serve French Onion Soup 15 times
– Ask for 10 Soup Stock

What a Tomato!

– Complete Soup Station
– Serve Creamy Corn Soup 24 times
– Ask for 8 Fresh Tomatoes

Serving Soup

– Master Tomato Soup to Level 1
– Ask for 8 Garlic Cloves
– Spice 5 Dishes

Fabulous Fungus

– Serve 30 Macaroni and Cheese
– Ask for 8 Fresh Mushrooms
– Ask for 8 Chicken Broth

Shroom Skills

– Serve 30 Belgian Waffles
– Master Cream of Mushroom Soup to Level 1
– Ask for 8 Onions

Peas in a Pod

– Serve a Taste Lab Dish with Mushrooms 20 Times
– Ask for 8 Dried Split Peas
– Ask for 8 Ham Slices

Impressing Bruno

– Complete Level 1 Mastery for Split Pea Soup
– Ask for 7 Green Peppers
– Ask for 10 Cups of Broth

Eat Your Veggies!

– Serve 20 Tostada de Carne Asada
– Ask for 7 Celery Stalks
– Ask for 10 Carrots

Soup to Nuts

– Complete Level 1 Mastery for Hearty Vegetable Soup
– Ask for 8 Butternut Squash
– Ask for 8 Nutmeg

Mo Soup For You

– Complete Level 1 Mastery of Butternut Squash Soup
– Ask for 10 Vegetable Medley
– Ask for 10 Elbow Macaroni

This is a pretty difficult mission series, but I am sure that there’s nothing that can hold you back from completing it, right?