As much as I like flinging limbless birds at limbless pigs on my mobile device, I’ve always been more of a cat person. So here is Radiangames’ new mobile game Bombcatsa game that lets you fling cats that explode.

But before you call the humane society, it’s for a good cause. Some cute baby kittens are trapped and the titular Bombcats need your aiming skills to fling them to the rescue and use their explosive personality to free those kittens from their containment. Good timing is needed since the tails of the Bombcats are the fuses to their bombs. Like Angry Birds, there are several species of Bombcats with special cat-like abilities like clinging to walls or cheetah speed.

Bombcats features a branching path full of levels and challenges to test your physics gaming skills. After mastering one level with one type of Bombcat, you can try it again with a differently skilled Bombcat. There are nearly 200 levels total and several power ups to collect with in-game or premium currency. For a free to play mobile game, the ads or incentives to get your money are not too intrusive.

In the end, the excellent game play and cute charm of the cats makes Bombcats worth a chance.

Available for iOS devices and hopefully Android, Nook, and Kindle devices soon.