fallout3-steelThe Pitt was a great downloadable content for the best RPG of last year, but unfortunately Fallout 3 fans were upset to find out that many problems plagued the new content. Bethesda certainly hopes for better times with Broken Steel, the last (as far as we know) planned DLC for Fallout 3. Just like the previous two packs, this one will cost 800 MS Points too ($10) and it will be released on May 5.

As you probably know, Broken Steel continues the game’s story beyond its original ending and finally raises the level cap to 30, thus giving a new meaning to the already high level of replayability of the game. Also, the Broken Steel downloadable pack will add new items, weapons and perks, as well as about five extra hours of gameplay which should be enough for the lovers of the RPG.

And since this is the last Fallout 3 downloadable content pack – at least as long as we know and according to Bethesda’s past announcements, we are curious to see what the company has in mind regarding the game. Will they go quiet for a while and announce a fourth title in the franchise, will they focus their attention on not letting Interplay do their Fallout MMO or will they continue to deliver even more DLC? We have no answers yet, but let us know what would you like them to do?