Today we continue to look back at the great game launches in 2014 in the casual gaming world, and we’re going to check out the best time management games of 2014. A genre that’s starting to lose out in terms of popularity, mostly because of the lack of innovation on the side of the developers, the time management genre had few surprises over this past year, but we still managed to get a bunch of great games to try out. So we’ve decided to share with you the best time management games of 2014.

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My Kingdom for the Princess IV

01 my kingdom

The King has appointed Prince Arthur as chief of the Royal Service for Rescuing Lost Princesses. The service is in great demand as any princess must be kidnapped by a dragon, bewitched by an evil sorcerer and rescued by a handsome prince at least once in her life. To deal with all of the quests, Arthur will need his courage, ingenuity and most importantly, your help! A brand new game in a great series – must play if you haven’t done so yet. Check it out here.

Fable of Dwarfs

02 dwarfs

The good-hearted King of the Dwarves is relying on you to lead a building expedition! You’ll need all of your wit and imagination to successfully oppose the merciless northern winds, save the homes of a desert’s inhabitants from plagues of locusts, and battle a thick fog that threatens a priests’ temple. Learn about ancient Dwarven talismans, save Yellowforest from wildfire, and help those who need it most in Fable of Dwarfs! Check it out on Big Fish Games.

Style Quest

03 style quest

Run the most stylish shop in town! Stella’s dream is to run a five-star luxury boutique. Join Stella and her friends as they help customers find their new look with a wash, style, spa treatment, and outfits built with two fun mini-games. Beat levels to earn Superstars and spend them to unlock 30 bonus features including new equipment, upgrades, and employees to help you around the shop! Can you transform this tiny shop on the edge of town to a luxurious seaside resort? Find out by clicking here.

Royal Envoy 3

04 royal envoy

The HMS Islandshire is exploring the South Ocean when all of a sudden they see new land! Previously unknown islands contain an immense amount of fish, pearls, and gold… not to mention troves of ancient pirate treasure! Embark on an exciting expedition to crack the intriguing puzzles of the past, while developing these new lands for the kingdom! Head over to Big Fish Games to check it out.

Farm to Fork

05 farm to fork

The Valley of farmers is on the verge of downfall since the Global Mart has overtaken the town’s business, and it’s up to you to help the farmers save their lands ! Grow the freshest vegetables, produce the best grains and meat, and cook delicious meals to earn money. Collect rewards and achievements and invest in new facilities to grow your wealth. Make the valley prosperous once again in Farm to Fork! Click here to check out the game.

Bonus: Build-a-lot World

06 buid a lot

We’re also throwing in a nice bonus for you, a free to play game that does have some of the annoying things of the free-to-play genre, but still manages to offer enough quality for you to spend a lot of time playing it. It’s a great big world and there’s lots of building to do! In Build-a-lot World, you’ll earn big profits and great rewards as you build your way across the globe! Available on Big Fish Games, completely free of charge!

So these would be, in our opinion, the best Time Management games of 2014 and I am sure that fans of the genre will love these titles in case they missed them when they were originally launched.