If there’s one thing I love more than anything about casual games it is the fact that some will offer us a “Christmas Edition” and bring a bit of peace and joy into our souls, dirty with all the blood we’ve spilled during the previous Left 4 Dead session. Therefore, Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition is on of the games I will certainly enjoy.

Just like in the previous games in the series, Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition gives you the task to make people happy by becoming their home designer and offer them the perfect choice of furniture, depending on their taste. A kind of Sims and MySims Kingdom mixture, at a bit lower scale. But still incredibly addictive and charming.

The twist comes from the fact that the Christmas spirit has faded from the town and you have to bring it back so the people can enjoy their holidays. You can design rooms in an infinite number of ways because you pick the type of furniture, its color, style, and where it goes. And having in mind that 175 pieces of furniture are available to you, many of which Christmas themed, you can understand that you’re up for a treat. Just visit the official website of the game, give it a try and decide if Home Sweet Home: Christmas Edition should be bought or not.