bayonettaYet another game joins the list of titles to miss the holiday season, because of the busy release schedule – and if things continue like that and publishers get scared by the other game releases, we might end up having no actual games to play this holiday season.

Back to today’s topic, though, the game in question is Bayonetta, the rather promising button mashing title from Sega. Initially set for release this October, the game will hit North American and European markets sometime in January 2010. The people living in Japan will still get it in October, so if you really want the game early, you should consider importing. You might wish to check out Play-Asia for offers…

“Bayonetta is an extremely important new IP for Sega and adds a new level of depth to our growing portfolio,” said Sega West president Mike Hayes. “As a result of marketing analysis we have taken a publishing decision that January 2010 is the optimum release time in the Western Markets to maximize this exciting new title’s potential.”

It would be indeed fun to learn that the real huge game release period will turn out to be early 2010. We already have a few big name titles delayed to that period, including today’s news, Bayonetta, but also the impressive Take Two lineup that includes BioShock 2 and Red Dead Redemption.