I wish the month of October could come sooner. Yes I love Halloween like the next person, but that’s not the reason. The reason why I want the month to come is because October 25th Batman: Arkham Origins is set for release. And if you’re a Batman fan like myself you can’t wait for this game to come out too.

Along with what seems to be a good storyline, and the villains that are in the game with baddies such as; Blackmask, Deathstroke ( and for those who pre-order the game for the Xbox 360 , PlayStation 3 or the PC will receive exclusive early access to the Deathstroke pack.) Bane, and Copperhead. And what also seem to have an interesting multiplayer mode, I just can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

But until October 25th comes, for now please enjoy the latest trailer titled “Nowhere To Run” for the game – you can check it out on the official website. For more videos and info on the game, check out the site  http://batmanarkhamorigins.com/  and till then Happy Gaming Gamers!