There were a lot of really successful escape the room games that took place in a Bathroom and probably Bathroom Escape by Dozen Games will be one of them. In case you didn’t know, you can play the game here. And in case you are stuck somewhere, you can check out the complete Bathroom Escape walkthrough below:

Full Bathroom Escape Guide

– Click the shelves under the sink — get the BAR OF SOAP
– Turn left
– Zoom on the plant in the corner — get the GREEN KEY
– Zoom on the tub and see it needs a 5 color code
– Turn left
– Zoom on the letter holder on top of the small cabinet
– Drag the letter to find the DARK BLUE KEY
– Note the cabinet needs a code
– Go left
– EEK! you are being watched
– Note the door needs colored keys
– Turn left
– Zoom on the potted plant — get the WHITE KEY
– Zoom on the basket on the floor and click it to move it
– Use the soap on the mess, but you still need something to clean it up with
– Zoom on the wall cabinet
– Use the white key to unlock it
– Get the HACKSAW
– Still zoomed in, click below it to zoom in on the bottom of the cabinet
– Get the YELLOW KEY
– Back up one time and you are still zoomed in on the cabinet
– Click above it for the SCREWDRIVER
– Back up and go left
– Zoom on the bars on the right side of the screen
– Use the hacksaw and get the PIPE for self defense against the guy who’s watching you
– Get the BLEACH BOTTLE from the shelf
– Go right
– Zoom on the picture and use the bleach on it
– Note the code
– Go right 2 times
– Zoom on the cabinet
– Enter the code
– If you get it right, the game will back you up so you can see the whole cabinet
– This unlocks the cabinet doors/drawers: white3,blue5,Black5,red3
– Click the upper left drawer for a code
– Open the middle right drawer for the MAGNET
– Open the middle left door for the PLUNGER
– Go right
– Zoom on the toilet and use the plunger
– Take the CYAN KEY
– Go right 2 times
– Zoom on the right end of the sink counter
– Click the right ball and use the screwdriver for the RED KEY
– Back up so you can see the whole sink area
– Use the arrow to look down
– Click the mat for the hidden safe
– Enter the code for the MOP: 2079
– Go right 2 times
– Zoom on the basket and use the mop on the soapy spill underneath
– Note the color code
– Turn around to the tub
– Zoom on the water and enter the colors on the panel by the tub
– Hit the green button to drain it
– Use the magnet to get the BLACK KEY from the drain: RGBWW
– Turn to the door and use the keys to escape!

A lot of thanks goes to KitKatFox from EG24 for creating this great walkthrough!