nightmare-artbookI’ve told you a while ago about Knights in the Nightmare from Atlus, and now I have even more good news for those of you who considered the original RPG a must have one: the game will be part of the Atlus Spoils program, which means that each boxed copy of the game will have a free soundtrack CD with it. Even more, each pre-ordered copy of Knights in the Nightmare will come with a 7″x10″ full color art book – that if you really want to get the full special offer!

As many have come to expect from Atlus goodies, the art book will be loaded with Spoilage (the good kind). Characters, world designs, concept art… You name it, it’s in here. This is a game known not only for its originality, but also for its beautiful visuals and musical score, and that’s exactly what the company wants to spoil you with.