While other MMO games have problems keeping their subscribers in their virtual worlds, it appears that the free MMOs are doing incredibly well: for example, turn based MMORPG Atlantica Online will open a new server (the sixth) to meet growing consumer demand. Now that’s something during these crazy times!

To celebrate the success of Atlantica Online and herald in the new server, game’s dvelopers NDOORS will be hosting the ‘Fortnight of the Oracle,’ a series of power-leveling festivities. In other words, for two weeks after the debut of the new (Delphi) server, every player will receive a 120% experience boost, increased to 150% on weekends. In addition to the universal experience boost, players will have the opportunity to participate in:

Level-up Race –More than 100 players will receive 1,000 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest.
Screenshot Contest – Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Gcoin prizes.
Quiz Bowl – Players who correctly answer questions from GMs will receive in-game item prizes.
Monster Hunts – Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for new players to battle and earn rewards.
Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways – New players will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

And since we’re talking about a free-to-play MMORPG, you might wish to give Atlantica Online a try, especially if you still haven’t found a title to spend your time with.