The Sage’s Buried Secrets is a puzzle quest where players must display certain pieces correctly in order to unlock a treasure’s door. This is the third part of the This Old Cove campaign mission and it’s easier to solve than you think.

At first it seems quite complex to solve this ancient puzzle, the figures in each square are blurred and difficult to recognize and the hints given by James Kidd are not so bright. However, all you have to do is match the portable pieces with the respective board part, how? The secret is in the color. Red with red, blue with blue and green with green.

Pick a Color

To start solving this puzzle you need to pick a color, it can be any of the three. Then, search for the portable piece of the same color and place it on the respective part. Note that to move the pieces you need to step on the neutral pieces around the board. Then repeat the same logic for the other two color. Every time you do it right, a door will open. There’s one door for each color.


When the third door opens, Edward learns that the sculptured portrait within these doors belongs to the sage man he saw back in Havana.