Nothing is True is the second mission from This Old Cove campaign assignment. This is a stealth mission and Edward cannot be detected by the tribal assassins. The quest’s main goal is to reach James Kidd but the path is blocked by multiple enemies, which means players have to silently knock out certain opponents and walk their way in the forest without being detected.  Weapons can’t be used and enemies can’t be killed; killing anyone or being seen automatically desynchronizes the mission. The mission is fragmented in four parts, each one with a distinctive saving point.

Step 1. Way to the Forest

Edward starts in a beach and he has to find a way deep into the forest. This part is particularly easy if you’re patient. All you have to do is run behind the assassins and hide in bushes. If you decide to be hasty and play risky, you’ll probably have to knock more than a few enemies. Note that once you’re spotted you have exactly one second to hide or the enemy’s suspicious level will be definitive.

nothing is true 1

Step 2. True Ninja

In the second part of this quest, you can simply walk above most of the enemies, starting by the statue near the starting path players can jump to tree branches all around. Therefore, you’ll have to put some assassins to sleep – nothing too complex though.

nothing is true 2

Step 3. A Hero’s Promise

This is definitely the hardest part of the mission. It’s located in a circular environment with a lake and two different ground levels and your destination is the second level. At the beginning you can either take out the walking patrol or simply walk to the stairs when she goes back. You’ll probably be spotted by one of the patrols set at the right side but don’t worry, keep running, they’ll lose sight of you.

nothing is true 3

When you reach the first level you’ll have no choice but to take all the assassins out, one by one silently and quietly. Avoid letting other patrols notice dead bodies, they’ll get yellow and if you’re spotted, they’ll probably end the mission for you before you get the chance to take them out.

nothing is true 4

The last part can be tricky, to reach the second level you need to jump to three different branches, however the third one is hard to access and it can make Edward slide down. The patrol on that platform has a fixed route and you have exactly 14 seconds to get there when she starts her route to the right. When you try to teach the last branch, remember to walk a bit towards the left, else Edward will attempt to jump the tree and fall down and believe me, there’s no way to get up there without being detected.

nothing is true 5

I’ve marked a circle around the branches since they’re not so visible, the third branch is behind the second tree.

Step 4. Finally Kidd, You’re Here

The last part is extremely easy to do. Hide on the front bush then walk to the left. Then keep going until you see a green dot in your map, approach James Kidd and the quest is done.