Previous to yesterday’s update there were only 2 energy weapons in Apex legends, both of which have unique gimmicks to them. The havoc continuous this trend by being compatible with both thae select fire and the turbo charger hop ups.

The Havoc

However let’s discuss how the gun performs naked first. The first thing I noticed about the Havoc is its magazine size of 25, this is quite large in Apex legends. The caveat to this is that the weapon can’t be fitted with an extended mags. Being a fully automatic rifle the Havoc has a decent rate of fire, feeling about the same as the Flatline.

It also does slightly more damage than the Flatline at 18 as opposed to the formers 16. This means that the Havoc has a pretty competitive Damage per second. This comes at the cost of having a small tiny, but noticeable, charge up time when starting to fire if you were ever lucky enough to get the LV8 Basilisk in black ops 3 (I wasn’t) it’s the same gimmick.

This massive downside can be negated when the weapon is equipped with the turbo charger attachment. With the charge up removed the Havoc feels extremely strong and could possibly be the best rifle in the game. One major issue with this firing mode is that energy ammo is quite rare so I was constantly begging my squaddies for any energy rounds.

With the select fire hop up the havoc behaves vastly differently. If you’re familiar with Destiny it is akin to linear fusion rifles in that you charge up a shot for big damage.


Unfortunately the damage just isn’t there to warrant using the havoc with select fire, at least that’s the impression I got with my short time with it. If you want to use a sniper style weapon I’d strongly recommend the longbow as even without the skull splitter mod it packs a serious punch.


This is a guest post made by Josh Malcolm. When I’m not playing games, I’m playing with my little dog Monty (you can see him on my Instagram @josh.malcolm14).My favourite games of all time are: all the borderlands games, 2 especially, mount and blade: war band and the extremely obscure robot wars extreme destruction. I’m currently enjoying the excellent apex legends and Hearthstone. Another hobby of mine is trampolining, people are always surprised when they see I’m actually quite good at it.