All EA Online Functionality Is Down

All EA Online Functionality Is Down

Battlefield 4Electronic Arts has announced, via their support website, that all online functionality for all of their titles is currently disabled. Meaning that players won’t be able to access any online features/modes for their games. The company has experienced several problems with matchmaking and login to EA sites the company explained.

“Our systems that handle online gameplay, matchmaking, and login are offline for all of our titles,” EA said. “This means that you may unable to play online or may get dropped from multiplayer matches, and will not be able to login to EA sites.”

“We are aware of this problem are we are working hard to fix things as quickly as possible. We apologize for the interruption and thank you for your patience while we fix the problem,” the statement continues.

EA has not detailed when these issues will be resolved. We will update this story when further details will become available.