Getting your hands on the Legendary Weapons in Aliens Colonial Marines offers you a huge advantage in the single player campaign, and this reason alone is good enough to make you do your best to get your hands on these weapons. I am here to share with you a guide for Aliens Colonial Marines legendary weapons locations and I really hope that you will find it useful.

There is a total of 6 Legendary Weapons that we found in Aliens Colonial Marines, all “belonging” to characters from the movie franchise, and below you can see their locations:

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #1: Hicks’ Shotgun
You will find this Legendary Weapon during your first mission, after killing the aliens on the top floor of the Gravity Well, when you will have to protect O’Neil, you can find it in the side room

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #2: Gorman’s Pistol
You will find it during Mission 4, when you will reach the door that you will have to slice open. Before you do it, go to the left and find it near a table.

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #3: Hudson’s Pulse Rifle
During mission five, when you will meet up with O’Neil again, you can find the weapon in the offices of the same floor.

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #4: Vasquez’s Smartgun
This one is in Mission 6. After cleaning all the enemies in the garage, you will find this legendary weapon behind some pellets leaning on a wall.

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #5: Vasquez’s Pistol
During Mission 9, exactly after you enter Hadley’s Hope, go left and find it in a room where there’s also some extra armor for you

Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapon #6: Frost’s Flamethrower
In Mission 10, when you have to destroy the third AA gun, you will find it in a container nearby (there’s also a rocket launcher inside).

And this is it! You now know how to get all the Aliens Colonial Marines Legendary Weapons and this should give you an advantage when fighting against the alien scum. If you find more or if you find that there’s something wrong with our locations, let us know in the comment section below.