little-league-2008-screenIf you were starting to feel the need for a new Little League World Series Baseball, rest assured: Activision’s got you covered and they’re preparing a 2009 release of the successful baseball game for Wii and DS. The title is a natural progression for the franchise, offering Little Leaguers and their families more features and refined, accessible gameplay.

“We are very proud of the warm reception our first Little League baseball video game received last year,” said David Oxford, Activision Publishing. “Little League World Series Baseball 2009 aims to broaden the franchise’s appeal even wider, giving experienced gamers a sense of depth and to feel more challenged while still making it easy for parents or grandparents to pick up and play!”

In the upcoming Little League World Series Baseball 2009 players will have the chance to become a Little League World Series baseball Champion, or play with up to three other friends in a variety of exhibition modes. New features cooked for us include a full team editor, regional tournaments, all new stadiums, new skills challenges, an expanded set of collectible content and much more. Both the DS and Wii versions improve upon the popular motion and stylus controls, respectively, for batting and pitching.

Little League World Series Baseball 2009 is set to hit game store shelves this June.