Minecraft is loved across age groups and all over the world because of the endless building opportunities it gives to the players of Minecraft. It is a creative game with no limit to building magnificent structures. Minecraft and the mechanics of this game are why players love this game and are so creative while making their bases in the Minecraft world. Everybody wants to build a cool base in Minecraft and what better than building a unique Minecraft underwater build. We have the perfect Minecraft underwater base idea for you to get started with. 

The Minecraft underwater house idea is one of the most famous building ideas in Minecraft. Building a Minecraft underwater base is exciting and not only about aesthetics. There is a lot more that goes on to build a water base in Minecraft. It is not all that easy to build a Minecraft water base even with Drowned that was added to Minecraft. You cannot ignore the strategic advantages of it. The attack speed of many mobs slows down on the water, there is immunity against explosions and your base remains better concealed and gets more level of protection as opposed to a land base. 

Not sure which designs will work for your aquatic base or how to build it? Wondering how the water pockets have to be emptied? Worry not, we are here to answer all your concerns and help you build a fun Minecraft underwater base. We have curated a list of the 7 best Minecraft underwater base ideas that you can use as a reference for your Minecraft ocean base or take inspiration from and build a great base. 

Before we get into the details of the various Minecraft underwater base ideas, here is something you should be aware of. There are some limitations if you want to build these cool underwater bases Minecraft allows you to create in the Survival mode like the slower mining speed and movement of your character. Another obvious and the biggest risk is that you can drown. However, to make things a little easier you can do a few things like watch your oxygen meter closely, position a Conduit near you, you can also make use of the Potion of Water Breathing, or use a Respiration enchanted helm. Another highly useful thing you can do is enchant armor with Depth Strider or Aqua Affinity, this is not required but can be extremely useful. 

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Double-Pod Underwater

This is one of the best Minecraft underwater base ideas out there. This idea belongs to SheepGG. Do you have some spare glasses? You can easily start this project. You will require around +600 Glass blocks to start this beautiful underwater base. The coral reef biome in any ocean is the best spot for this base and it will have all the details of the ocean as well that you require for the base. 

You are free to decide the depth at which you want to build your underwater base but make sure you have a ladder that will take you to the underwater base and up again. The approximate height, length, and width of this base is 8 x 25 x 19. The addition of fish to the chests to decorate it is lovely.

Modern Underground House

Zaypixel never fails to amaze audiences with the creative builds and this time around it is an underwater base that is also underground! Can you imagine? To build this one yourself, you have to dig down 16 blocks in any water body as you like. The tutorial shows many floors that are decorated with concrete, dark oak, and a small Nether portal to go in and out whenever you wish to.

We love the use of Sea Lanterns placed behind the paintings for extra lighting effect. There are other hacks as well, like using a Magma block to enter and exit your base, another one is a water elevator along with Soul Sand. Decorate using items found around the coral reef or use seaweed for decoration. 

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Underwater Mountain House

Zaypixel comes up with another wonderful underwater build that is this Underwater Mountain House. For this build, the player has to mine through stone to build a cozy base that has a lovely glass wall that faces the water. The player can dig out an entrance to the house through the mountain instead of having access underwater. This depends largely on the location, if at all it is a possibility or not. 

The main materials are dark oak and gray concrete that cover the floors and walls of this house. Though you can use other creative floor design ideas and personalize them. You can also add storage mods to make full use of a small space. 

 Secret Underwater Base  

Kiyoshi has designed this amazing Secret Underwater Base that is hidden underwater. For building this secret underwater base, first, find a 16 x 16 flat surface below water and start digging it. Build the base with wood, concrete, and terracotta. There are Sea Lantern rings placed at both ends which are lovely. All the essentials that are required for survival are well-organized around your base. If you want to set up an enchanting table, you can because there is enough space for that. The enchanting table can also have bookcases to get the available enchantments that are most potent. 

To add to this beauty is the open ceiling that lets you admire the various amazing creatures swimming around and you will also come to know about how much sunlight is left through his open glass ceiling. You can personalize this base however you wish to. You can also use some creative wall design ideas if you don’t like the gray dull Concrete. 

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Modern Ocean Base

Envisioning a Minecraft underwater house that is in the middle of the ocean? Random Steve Guy will turn your vision into reality with this Minecraft underwater base idea. The tutorial shows how you can get access to this modern base after you travel long distances to the locations you prefer. There is a sunbathing area along with a pool at the top and several floors underwater that hold modern and creative furniture that make this base modern and unique. 

To build the outer area, you will require glass and smooth quartz that too a lot of them. We hope you have Nether access already so that you can collect all the required resources. You will love the use of slabs for stairs instead of wooden blocks and the regular ladders as much as we do. 

Underwater Seabase

This Underwater Sea Base design by Goldrobin will remind you of a lot of Subnautica’s builds. At the ocean bottom, it has a base pillar and a 360-degree view below the water. All of us know it is a must to use a lot of Glass blocks for a hideout underwater. We always love to appreciate Minecraft’s underwater bases that use the new wooden blocks from the Nether biomes especially if it fits perfectly with the color palette. You don’t always need to create big houses for yourself to be unique and this idea is good proof of it. 

Here is a tip: if you want to empty water inside the building but do not have Sponges, what you can do is to construct an outer frame and completely seal it. Once that is done, fill the inside with gravel or sand. 

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Simple Starter Underwater Base

Are you just starting out a new world and do not have a lot of resources to build a dream hideout? Do not worry, this simple starter underwater base designed by Folli will help you build your first underwater base. The tutorial shows them building this structure themselves in Survival mode and with no breathing aid. All you need to do is follow the given instructions and find a 10 x 10 area for the cube. 

It features an amazing number of Spruce Trapdoors. It also has all the basics of the Survival mode. On the lowest floor, you can set furnaces, an enchanting table, and crafting stations. To get to the interiors, from the surface platform you have to go down the ladders. As you go ahead in the game, this base might get too crampy for you but it is a good starter base. 

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These were the 7 best Minecraft underwater base ideas for you to explore and try out. To empty the water pockets you would usually require Sponges but you can also use Buckets to slowly take out water from the structure. If your base is in a shallow area, surround it with gravel or sand. This way there is a temporary air bubble and you get to work without any worries. You can break the blocks after you are done and allow water to encapsulate your base. Use your creativity and build an underwater base for yourself that is functional and looks wonderful. 

Image Source – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89eX3JxXh-U