necrovision-screenshotThree promising titles, exclusive to PC systems will be released this February by 505 Games: survival horror Cryostasis, FPS NecroVisioN and World War II strategy title Men of War. All three games will hit retail shelves on February 20 and 505 Games certainly hopes that at least one of its three titles will provide high quality entertainment. Below you can read some details on each title.

Cryostasis puts players in the shoes of Alexander Nesterov, a Russian meteorologist sent to investigate the final hours of an old nuclear ice-breaker shipwrecked in an icy-grave. As if that was not enough to give you the chills, frozen monsters on the ship will haunt you down and you’ll have to stop that. The interesting part comes from the fact that in Cryostasis you have a Mental Echo ability which allows you to change the past actions of the frozen monsters. Pretty cool, huh?

NecroVisioN is another horror game, but this time a first person shooter: you are soldier Simon Bukner who has to fight against dead soldiers, vampires and demons in a World War I setting and, as always, save the world.

Men of War is a strategy game set during the ?beloved? World War II, where the Russian, Allied and German factions await to test your strategical thinking on huge maps based on real-life locations. With three different campaigns, unique units and an impressive multiplayer mode, Men of War promises to deliver the best World War II experience ever. Unfortunately, we’ve heard that for so many times already that we find it hard to believe…