100 Floors is getting close to its end, with levels 81 to 90 being released for the popular application. And as always I am here to share with you the walkthrough for the 100 floors levels 81 to level 90 and help you find the solution to each of these 10 new levels. So if you got stuck and couldn’t open a door, you’re at the right place as we have all the answers – check them out below!

100 Floors Level 81 walkthrough

Turn your phone upside down (so that the 6s turn into 9s). While holding your phone upside down, click on any 9 on the screen, then X, then 9 again, then hit the = button to the right.

100 Floors Level 82 walkthrough

Click the ground tile that has a circular shape, just above the word “Floor” on your phone screen to pick up the door knob. Use the knob on the left door and turn each of the knobs as follows: the right knob at 4 o’clock and the left knob at 9 o’clock. A lever will appear on the left side – tap it to open the door!

100 Floors Level 83 walkthrough

You have to draw in the colored pieces and make them fit the white square perfectly. So in the upper right corner, we’ll have the big gray shape, below it the white shape. The base will be made by the big yellow shape and above it we’ll have the purple square. Above it the purple triangle. In the left corner we have the blue triangle and below the orange shape.

100 Floors Level 84 walkthrough

You need to press the buttons as instructed on the door: first, press all three buttons and release. Press the red button & release. Press the two blue buttons, then finally press the three buttons again.

100 Floors Level 85 walkthrough

Get the torch from inventory and light up the candles in the following order: middle candle, left candle, right candle. Get the knife from the inventory and use it on the right candle, then the left one. Now use the torch again to light up the left candle. Use the knife to cut the left, then the middle candle. (the instructions are given by the numbers above the door)

100 Floors Level 86 walkthrough

You have to tap each of the numbers, then set the clock according to the number. So tap the 11 button first, then set the clock to 11 o’clock. Then tap the 5 number and set the clock to 5 o’clock and so on. If you mistake even once, you will have to start over.

100 Floors Level 87 walkthrough

Shake your phone to wake up the bear. When he’s awake, click it to move it to the left. Then wait for the bear to fall asleep again and click the green arrow.

100 Floors Level 88 walkthrough

Drag down the hat in the upper left corner until it’s at the same height as the hat in the middle right. Then drag the middle right hat above the hat on the bottom right. Click the hat in the upper right corner to turn it around, then drag the red ball from the floor in the hat.

100 Floors Level 89 walkthrough

Press the following letters: Se, Si, Ni, Fi, Fo

100 Floors Level 90 walkthrough

Press the 1st yellow button 4 times. Press the 2nd yellow button 3 times. Press the 3rd yellow button 2 times. Notice the blue button in the top right corner (it’s the biggest there). Press it to light it up and open the door.

Thanks for checking out the 100 Floors walkthrough for levels 81-90. Check out other levels in the related section below and make sure to check back often for the other solutions for the final levels!

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